Jens Kugele

In his work, Jens Kugele, Ph.D., bridges literary studies, cultural studies and the study of religion. He is interested specifically in theories of spatiality, memory and interdisciplinary crossing points of media theory, memory theory and museology.

Publikationen zur Religionsästhetik

Edited special issue

  • (K. Wilkens) Relocating Religion(s). Museality as Critical Term for Aesthetics of Religion, (Special issue), Journal of Religion in Europe 4 (2011)


  • Kugele, Jens (2019): “Museality”, in: Anne Koch und Katharina Wilkens (Hg.): Handbook of Cultural and Cognitive Aesthetics of Religion, London: Bloomsbury, 117-125.
  • (M. Jahn, J. Quack) Memory, Religion and Museal Spaces, Journal of Religion in Europe 4 (2011) 134–156