Aesthetic Enquiry across Disciplines (2015-2018) Leverhulme International Network: This Network will evaluate contrasting methods of aesthetic enquiry across disciplines in Humanities, Social Sciences and Cognitive Sciences. The Network is structured as a series of six workshops across three years.

Arbeitskreis Religionsästhetik der DVRW, Working Group “Aesthetics of Religion” affiliated to the German Association for the Study of Religion.

Center for the Studies of Material and Visual Cultures of Religion (MAVCOR), Yale University, is characterized by its subjects of inquiry—material and visual cultures of religions—and by the form of activity it promotes: scholarly, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and international. It directs attention to the pressures of secularization theory on past and present material practices and ideas about them. With material objects database.

Centre for Sensory Studies (CONSERT), Concordia University: The Centre for Sensory Studies is an interdisciplinary collaboration platform for research in the social life and history of the senses, perceptual practice, multisensory aesthetics, and the development of technologies for expanding the sensorium in innovative ways.

Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience (CSPE), University of Glasgow: Analytical philosophical and empirical research in the nature of perceptual experience drawing on philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry, and human–computer interaction.

Cultural Musicology iZine, Platform for publishing articles, exchanging ideas about and exploring practices of cultural musicology: The meaning of music is about agency, it investigates what music does to man and the world, but it also looks at music as a medium of communication between self and other, between man and cosmos.

European Society for Aesthetics (ESA), University of Fribourg (Switzerland): Research and communication platform with a special focus on aesthetics in Europe: The aim is to promote philosophical and other academic research and teaching in aesthetics and the theory of art, and in particular to encourage exchange between those pursuing these activities in different parts of Europe, and in the diverse traditions that European aesthetics involves.

Iconic Religion Researching the Presence of Religion in Berlin, Amsterdam and London.

International Cognition and Culture Institute (ICCI) Web Institute for scholars in the emerging cross-disciplinary field of cognition and culture studies.

Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, Frankfurt a. M.: Who likes what, and why? In a joint effort of researchers from the humanities and the sciences, the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics explores who aesthetically appreciates what, for which reasons and under which situational and historical circumstances, and analyzes the functions of aesthetic practices and preferences for individuals and societies.

Mediating Religion, The Open University, GB: Mediating Religion is an international network of academics and interested associates working in the area of religion, culture and social change. Mediating Religion acts as a network of networks – encouraging collaboration amongst research clusters working on these themes around the world.

Network for Sensory Research: It is an international philosophy-led network conducting interdisciplinary research on perception. Its aim is to build a theoretical model of the senses that matches the complexity of sensory phenomena, as revealed by recent scientific work.

Reevaluating Aesthetics. Towards Enactive Aesthetics (2011-2015) Cross-disciplinary research project, postcognitivist cognitive sciences, considering aesthetic experience as a cognitive-emotional process of meaning-making beyond traditional art theories.

Sensory Studies Website (connected to the Centre for Sensory Studies) with information on researchers, projects, sound and picture databases focused on sensory studies in the fields of anthropology, sociology, history, archeology, geography, communications, religion, philosophy, literature, art history, museology, film, mixed media, performance, phenomenology, disability, aesthetics, architecture, urbanism, design.

Synaesthesia. Expérience du divin et polysensorialité dans les mondes anciens. Approche interdisciplinaire et comparée, Équipe de rédaction: Anne-Caroline Rendu Loisel et Adeline Grand-Clément (Toulouse/France).

Thought and Sense: On the interface between perception and cognition, (2015-2018) University of Oslo, Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN): Boundaries between perception and cognition and their interrelations – temporality, conceptuality, modularity, immediacy.

Word & Image International Association of Word and Image Studies (IAWIS/ AIERTI): Study of Word and Image relations in a general cultural context, and especially in the arts in the broadest sense.