Jens Kreinath

Jens Kreinath is teaching Antrhopology at Wichita State University.

Besides holding degrees in Theology and History of Religion as well as in Philosophy – all received from the University of Heidelberg – he received in 2006 his doctoral degree in social/cultural anthropology form the same university.

As a member of a research group on ritual theory and the history of religions, he carried out research in 2000 on the Yasna, a daily performed ritual of Zoroastrian high-priests. Together with Refika Sariönder, he conducted fieldwork in 2002 in Istanbul among the Alevi on the reflexive dynamics of the cem, a weekly observed community ritual.

His current research is primarily on Christian and Muslim communities in Antakya (formerly Antioch). He is member of an international research collaboration, “Reassembling Democracy: Ritual as Cultural Resource,” funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Selected Publications:

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