Anja Kirsch

Dr. Anja Kirsch is Visiting Professor in the Science of Religion in Bern, for Prof. Karénina Kollmar-Paulenz.

She specializes in the narrative relation of religion and the secular. Her research interests include the aesthetics of the secular, narrative efficacy and plausibility in literary aesthetics, and the relation between religion and narrative in film/media. Together with Dirk Johannsen she will host the second AESToR.NET meeting, a conference on Narrative Cultures and the Aesthetics of Religion at the University of Oslo.

Publikationen zur Religionsästhetik

  • Johannsen, Dirk, Anja Kirsch & Jens Kreinath (eds., 2020): Narrative Cultures and the Aesthetics of Religion. Series: Supplements to Method & Theory in the Study of Religion 14, Leiden: Brill.
  • Johannsen, Dirk & Anja Kirsch (2019): “Narrative Strategies”, in: Anne Koch und Katharina Wilkens (Hg.): Handbook of Cultural and Cognitive Aesthetics of Religion, London: Bloomsbury, 143-153.
  • (2016): Weltanschauung als Erzählkultur. Zur Konstruktion von Religion und Sozialismus in Staatsbürgerkundeschulbüchern der DDR, Göttingen.
  • ,Religion‘ als Stilmittel der Fantastik – Eine wirkungstheoretische Betrachtung der Fernsehserie Lost. [’Religion’ as a Stylistic Device. An Aesthetic Response Approach to the TV Show Lost.] In: Mohr, Hubert/Mohn, Jürgen (eds.): Die Medien der Religion. Zurich 2015, 197-224 (with Dirk Johannsen)